Collaboration Skills Training

Facilitated Solutions training program focuses on the needs of agencies, NGO’s, associations and corporations in effectively engaging in collaborations. Facilitated Solutions works with your organization to provide training allowing your organization to build collaborative capacity and your staff to gain insight and skills in a variety of areas including: conflict resolution, consensus building, strategic planning, effective meetings, facilitation and collaborative leadership. Our training programs help to develop competence and improve knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage with stakeholders, manage partnerships, and manage conflict. We can provide coaching and mentoring to help leaders build trusting relationships with stakeholders, manage partnerships, and lead collaboratively.

Project Examples of Collaboration Skills Training:

Resolving Public Disputes. Publicly offered basic training in interest-based negotiation and small group facilitation.  Participants are typically stakeholders representing a variety of interests in growth management or public policy issues. Conducted two-to-three times per year, as sole trainer or co-trainer with other Center staff.

Advanced Mediation and Facilitation Training. Publicly offered training in small and large group mediation, facilitation and process design. Participants are usually a mix of stakeholders in growth management and public policy issues, and professional neutrals in private practice seeking to broaden their range of skills. Conducted one-to-two times per year, as co-trainer with other Center staff.

Public Involvement Training Publicly offered training in public involvement and participatory decision-making techniques.  Participants are typically planning professionals in private practice or agency staff seeking new public involvement techniques. Conducted as co-trainer with other Center staff.

Effective Communication and Enhanced Conflict Resolution Skills. Training provides an overview of intra-personal conflict resolution. The dynamics of conflict, influences on conflict, and the conflict cycle are introduced. The workshop examines the approaches used in dealing with conflict, the emotions involved in conflict, and strategies to effectively deal with conflict. Conducted as sole trainer several times per year at FAU and FIU. In addition workshop was conducted with Miami-Dade College for Miami-Dade County building officials and for the City of Fort Pierce building officials and code enforcement personnel.

Effective Meetings—Problem-Solving and Process Skills. Training highlights the importance of effective process and conflict resolution skills as well as focusing on problem-solving while conducting hearings and meetings. In addition, the training provides skills for conducting meetings while managing board members, defendants, and the public. Conducted as sole trainer several times per year at FAU and FIU. In addition, the training was conducted for City of Fort Pierce building officials and code, appeal, and licensing boards, City of Boynton Beach code enforcement personnel, Association of American Plant Food Control Officials board of directors and committee chairs, Department of Community Affairs staff, and Florida Building Commission TAC/POC chairs.

Skills Building and Frontline Conflict Resolution and Communication. Training that encourages participants to understand differences in communication styles as well as their own. Training focuses on skills building for dealing with the public and co-workers including negotiation and listening skills, and ensuring effective communication. Attendees include City of Miami code enforcement personnel. Conducted as sole trainer several times per year at FIU.

Effective Meetings for Leaders—Meeting Management Training. Training provides meeting leaders/chairs with guidelines for managing meeting agenda items: from opening a meeting, to reports, to discussion and decision items to closing the meeting. Includes teaching chairs to manage the meeting by introducing agenda items, asking for and managing questions, public comment and committee discussion and motions. Training offered to Florida Building Commission TAC and POC chairs.

Facilitation Training—Improving Meeting Effectiveness With Facilitation Skills. Training provides participants with an understanding of the role and core values of facilitation, learning and practicing various facilitation techniques and tools, learning meeting process guidelines and procedures, dealing with difficult situations, and learning the practical applications of facilitation. Training offered to Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) staff.