Hiring a Facilitator

Skill Sets and Criteria to Look for When Hiring a Facilitator/Process Consultant



    • Mastery of group dynamics, collaboration, and consensus building theories and practices;
    • Understanding of public policy context and processes and the role of different groups in agenda setting, advocacy, and problem solving;
    • Demonstrated experience in facilitation and process design.


    • Excellent organizational and analytical skills;
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills—with an ability to lead groups with confidence and composure;
    • Excellent writing and editing skills;
    • Proficiency with databases, spreadsheets, online tools, and social media;
    • Ability to balance many projects and priorities simultaneously;
    • Ability to take initiative and lead projects ethically, on scope, and budget with attention to highest quality and detail.
    • Demonstrated grasp of dispute resolution concepts;
    • Ability to see all sides of a topic and stay neutral;
    • Ability to listen actively;
    • Ability to sequence group discussions and activities;
    • Ability to translate positions to interests
    • Ability to routinely develop agreements and solve problems;
    • Excellent strategic and planning skills;
    • Effective oral and written communication and analytical skills; and
    • A demonstrated capacity to articulate a project case to conveners—both orally and in written materials.

Criteria For Hiring a Facilitator/Process Consultant

A minimum of ten years of facilitation and public participation or related experience is essential. Also essential are excellent communication and writing skills, experience in relevant projects, planning, and design efforts, strategic thinking, and attention to detail. Roster membership with the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (USIECR) and/or US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides additional documented experience.

    • Demonstrated ability to quickly master subject matter knowledge in areas related to projects.
    • Demonstrated facilitation skills able to lead diverse groups to identify issues/concerns, develop solutions, or achieve group objectives.
    • Demonstrated communications skills including clear, effective writing/editing and speaking capabilities.
    • Experience developing and executing client programs according to project scope; implementing project work as appropriate (facilitating, training, materials development, reporting, strategy memos, etc.)
    • Experience in researching, developing, and writing new idea proposals, including project budgets.
    • Experience supporting business development, including identifying, setting up and participating in business development meetings and presentations.