Building Energy Rating System (BERS) Steering Committee. October 2010 – Present. The project involves facilitating the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (previously for the Department of Community Affairs) Building Energy Rating System Steering Committee, a stakeholder representative committee, charged with conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the State’s Building Energy Rating System and developing recommendations for enhancements to the system. The function of the system is to provide uniform scale of the relative energy use of buildings based on annual energy usage and costs with consideration of local climate conditions, construction practices and building use.

Florida Building Commission, Energy Forum and Humidity and Moisture Control Workgroup. February 2007 – Present. Ongoing responsibilities include process design, facilitation and reporting, conflict resolution, and consensus building for the Workgroup. The Workgroup initially investigated the feasibility of a hot-and-humid climate regional efficiency rating for air-conditioner and heat-pump systems, then the scope of the Workgroup was expanded to develop recommendations regarding AC equipments’ role in controlling humidity and moisture in buildings in a hot and humid climate. The Workgroup is tasked with considering a range of issues and options regarding the manufacturing, design and installation of AC equipment in controlling moisture and preventing mold and mildew in the hot and humid Florida climate.

Florida Building Commission, Florida Energy Code Workgroup. February 2009 – April 2010 – Present. The FCRC Consensus Center collaborated with the Florida Building Commission’s Florida Energy Code Workgroup and the Florida Solar Energy Center to work with stakeholders in a facilitated consensus-building process on a comprehensive evaluation of options for achieving energy efficiency initiatives for the Florida Building Code, including mandated increases in energy efficiencies for subsequent editions of the Code, criteria for cost effectiveness test for increases in energy efficiency among other issues. The Workgroup delivered unanimous consensus recommendations to the Commission who implemented the adopted changes by amending the Florida Energy Code during the 2010 Code Update process. The FCRC continues to facilitate Energy Code workshops to provide feedback to the Commission on energy issues.

FBC Green Building Workgroup. October 2007 – January 2008. In response to legislative and gubernatorial direction, the FCRC worked with the Florida Building Commission and the Florida Solar Energy Center. The FCRC facilitated a stakeholder workgroup process that developed consensus recommendations regarding a model efficiency ordinance for residential development and the implementation a public awareness campaign promoting energy efficiency and the benefits of building green. The Building Commission delivered its recommendations to the 2008 Florida Legislature, where many energy efficiency enhancements were codified into Florida law.

FBC Energy Code Workgroup. June – December 2006. The Florida Building Commission convened a workgroup to evaluate the proposed transition from the Florida Energy Code to the International Energy Conservation Code and to develop recommendations. The Workgroup achieved consensus on a package of recommendations. Responsibilities included process and agenda design, facilitation of workshop, conflict resolution and consensus-building, and summary report and recommendations.

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