Training, Planning & Organizational Development

Training, Planning and Organizational Development

South Florida Water Management District—Collaborative Leadership Training and Development Initiative. February 2012 – Present. Working with the Executive Management Team and District division director, office directors and bureau chiefs to assess and design a series of training workshops designed as a first step towards supporting SFWMD leaders and managers in becoming more proficient in collaborating with each other and with external partners to address current strategic organizational priorities (Flood Control, Natural Systems/Water Quality, Water Supply, and Mission Support) and to ensure the success of the District in carrying out its core mission. The training workshops were custom designed following an extensive assessment process that included phone and face-to-face interviews, an on-line issues and needs survey, and focus groups with each of the Districts divisions, bureaus and offices.

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South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Staff Assessment and Training. April 2010 – Present. Consulting with the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force staff to design training materials regarding enhancing communication and efficacy of meetings, and to design reference material for conducting meetings. The FCRC is designing materials and providing training for staff regarding organizing, designing and facilitating effective meetings, and enhancing conflict resolution and communications skills for complex situations. In addition, the FCRC is serving as a process consultant to the Executive Director.

Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO). March 2010. Assessed AAPFCO process needs and compiled a comprehensive set of organizational and procedural polices and guidelines for the Association. Designed a seventy-one page training manual and conducted a day-long training on “Effective Meetings: Problem Solving and Process Skills”, and facilitated a Labeling and Definitions Committee meeting.

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Visioning Workshops. May – June 2002. Project convened by Supervisor of Elections to develop collaborative strategy for vision and direction for the Office. Project organized to develop an Office mission, vision, and strategic plan developed collaboratively and supported by the entire staff. In addition, project goal was to improve the efficiency and morale of the Office by exploring ways to enhance communication and coordination within and between all levels of the Office as well as with the public served by the Supervisor’s Office. As a result of the three days of workshops, the managers and staff of the Supervisor’s Office were able to agree on a mission statement as well as to articulate a common vision implementable with specific goals, objectives, and strategies that enjoy a high level of support among all levels of staff.

Florida League of Cities and Florida City and County Management Association annual conference workshops. 2003. Facilitated topical break-out groups at various annual conference workshops.

City of Fort Pierce Building and Municipal Code Enforcement Policy Workshops. 2002. Co-designed, assessed, facilitated and reported on policy development workshops with the City Commission, City Manager, City Attorney, and other key City staff. Assisted Commission to reach consensus on a package of policy guidelines for the enforcement of building codes and municipal ordinances. Project included conflict resolution and communication training for City staff.

Florida Fire Safety Board. 2001. Designed, planned, consulted, and facilitated assessment and strategic planning workshops.

Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Visioning Retreat. 2001. Facilitated topical break-out groups and plenary session components.

Updating Florida’s Transportation Plan. 2001. Facilitated topical break-out groups. Designed, planned, facilitated, consulted, and reported on rulemaking workshops and state-wide public input meetings.

FSU Office of Research Retreat. 2000. Co-facilitated assessment and planning workshop.

DEP-University Partnering Workshop. 2000. Co-facilitated assessment and planning workshop.

State Library Network Council. 2000. Designed, planned, consulted, and facilitated assessment and strategic planning workshops.

FSU Office of Research Retreat. 2000. Co-facilitated and designed process for a FSU retreat designed to shape a shared mission for the Office of Research at Florida State University.

Big Bend Hospice. 1999. Co-facilitated and designed assessment and planning workshops.

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